La San Marco Technology

We develop technology for the best espresso coffee.

Ring with manual continuous analog precision adjustment - Stepless

The manual continuous analog precision adjustment

Adjustment ring that allows you to adjust the granulometry of the coffee with greater precision than in the past.


New grinders

New grinders designed to eliminate all parts where residual ground coffee could accumulate and remain. In this way, each grinding cycle will not be contaminated by grinding residues from previous dispensing, ensuring excellent quality in the cup.


Set the grinding speed

In the smart version it will be possible for the models called SMART-V to set the grinding speed in a range from 400 to 1200 rpm (revolutions/minute) with steps of 50 rpm.

Burrs Centrifugal Cleaning System

Allows better cleaning of the grinding

In the smart version it will be possible for the models called SMART-V to set the reverse control mode which allows better cleaning of the grinding chamber, guaranteeing better precision in the dose and eliminating the grinding residues of the previous doses.


Forced ventilation cooling system

Forced ventilation cooling system of the grinding unit available as standard for all products.

Leva Class®

Controlled Lever Anti-Shock System.

The first patented technological innovation for lever-operated machines which safety when using the lever to mechanically extract the espresso coffee in full compliance with international standards.

FTL - Fine tuning lever

The new steam delivery control system.

Fine Tuning Lever (FTL) is the patented innovation for mixed control of the steam nozzle. A control lever with a revamped design that offers excellent options for steam flow regulation. Optional use with the traditional toggle switch system or in the “twist” mode with a dial. This second option allows the flow and intensity of the steam to be precisely regulated thanks to…

ACT - Advanced concepts in technology

The control system for electronic multiboiler machines which allows for the real-time control of the temperature curve of coffee extraction.

Thanks to the modern technology that La San Marco has incorporated into this Multiboiler model, the barista, through a modern display…

Smart technology

On-demand doser-grinders featuring a detection system that always delivers the correct dose of ground coffee to the portafilter.

The smart technology designed and developed in-house in the La San Marco R&D department which, through two infrared sensors…


Leva Luxury, the first electromechanical machine with electronic temperature control.

La San Marco has decided to equip Leva Luxury, the top of the lever machine range, with a PID system. The system, already widely used in cutting-edge industrial systems, electronically controls and easily regulates the water in the boiler.

La San Marco remote control app

Your coffee machine can be monitored remotely.

Only for the automatic models, New 105 MB ACT and 100 T. An on-line app allows the machines to be configured and controlled remotely using exclusive machine control parameter sharing and management developed by the La San Marco R&D department.


The production of filter coffee in capsules for the highest quality in the cup.

Inspired by the technology of professional preparation, the OC® System guarantees a perfect pre-infusion phase, ensuring the correct flow of water and its temperature during brewing, aimed at enhancing the transfer of organoleptic substances from coffee to water.


Individual group temperature setting.

La San Marco’s technology, through calibrated flow regulators, allows the barista to give each mix its best expression by setting the temperatures of groups individually.

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