One hundred years of innovation.

La San Marco

Espresso coffee machines since 1920.

Every day for one hundred years, we have renewed our commitment to offer the very best to anyone looking for the excellence of Italian espresso coffee.


What we have in common is a style that has always made the difference allowing us to offer products that are visually appealing, reliable and user-friendly; machines of the very best quality that give our customers the reassurance they have made the right choice on a daily basis. The functional design and unique technology of our models are instantly recognisable the world over. We are renowned for our automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines and the recognised leader of traditional lever-operated machines, for which we hold the exclusive international Leva CLASS® (Controlled Lever Anti-Shock System) patent.


La San Marco. The past, the present and future of Italian espresso coffee.


The best machines,

the best choice.

Our mission is to continue guaranteeing a high-quality, highly reliable, safe and user-friendly product through our constant quest for continuous improvement. We want to produce and market espresso coffee machines that are increasingly competitive, avant-garde and in step with the latest technology.


Italian excellence around the world.

To become the reference brand for the industry around the world. This is our pledge and the reason why we strive to respond to the ever-increasing and new demands of development. We research increasingly cutting-edge technology and elegant, functional designs.


A story of dedication, quality,
design and functionality.

La San Marco is synonymous with espresso coffee machines and a global benchmark for anyone who expects the best from tradition and innovation. The evolution of our machines over time is marked by the numerous models that have made an everlasting impression with their unique qualities reserving a special place in the hearts of those who have used and enjoyed them.


From those bearing the legendary winged lion accompanied by the original La San Marco inscription of the early 900 Series, to the 1950s models of the Lollobrigida and Disco Volante, and the ones from the SM era up to present day with the highly successful 85, 95, 100 and New 105 Multiboiler Series. This is the story of an Italian company that has successfully exported the time-honoured tradition and love of espresso coffee around the world and has now secured a top spot in the industry through a well-established organisation and highly efficient sales network.

2 groups – 15 litres

Steam-operated espresso coffee machines with dual heating supply (electric/gas). In the early 1920s, Giovanni Battista and Francesco Romanut began manufacturing machines with their own brand (La San Marco) in Viale S. Daniele 12B in Udine. The model had an elegant finish and bore a lion of San Marco (Saint Mark) – the emblem of the city of Venice – on the end and main part of the cylindrical bodywork.


900 model
2 groups – 1 litre

The historical brand founded in Udine in 1920. “The oldest company, the most up-to-date machines”, was the slogan used by La San Marco to introduce itself to the public when advertising the 900 model. All the technical expertise was channelled into creating the perfect column model, featuring mechanisms that were very hard-wearing for the times but nevertheless easy to handle and use, whilst showcasing its sleek and elegant lines. The 900 machine featured a combined heating system on request between electricity and gas. This model exuded a strong Art Deco look known as the rationalist style in Italy.


3 groups– 10 litres

The model patented in 1942 and produced up until 1950 – this steam pressure version used the same group as the 900 model column machines. The horizontal design of the bodywork was one of the first produced in Italy. The stand-out feature of this machine were the two external side parts that warmed the cups, visible on both sides.


1 group – 5 litres

This machine, christened the “Lollobrigida” for its sinuous curves and attractive shape, was the stand-out model among the many highly successful versions launched on the market by the historic brand of La San Marco. It is dedicated to the famous actress, Gina Luigia Lollobrigida, precisely because of its unique and unmistakable look. Today, it is one of the most sought-after models by collectors all over the world.


2 groups – 10 litres

A machine with strong technological and cutting-edge features, brewing groups with an innovative design and futuristic lines, hence the name “Disco Volante” (Flying Saucer). A neon light inserted inside the protruding body lights up the logo. Produced with the La San Marco brand by Officine Romanut in Udine, it was created in response to strong competition in the industry, and was highly successful with a total of three series.


2 groups – 15 litres 

A lever-operated espresso coffee machine. The bodywork had an avant-garde design with partially painted side panels and matt brushed steel inserts. There was a spacious cup holder compartment on the top. This model was manufactured in large numbers and in a variety of colours thanks to an assembly line production. The interest in the bright colours was prompted by the vibrant Pop Art movement which would influence the design world and contaminate everyday objects as well, including espresso coffee machines.


2 groups– 15 litres

The model with the start-brewing button was produced in a vivid, bright orange colour. The need to make the machines less heavy, more manageable and functional, would prompt manufacturers to produce the first painted iron bodywork and some parts in steel – a practical choice to adapt the machines to the style of the cafés where they would be used.



This is a historic line of professional espresso coffee machines, one of the most successful ever for La San Marco. Manufactured entirely within the Gradisca d’Isonzo plant in Italy, it is characterised by its unmistakable line and appealing aesthetics, entirely clad in metal and stainless steel anti-fingerprint surfaces. Since its introduction, it has been a favourite with baristas and coffee connoisseurs the world over for its robustness and reliability.




A commitment to excellence, research and the spirit of collaboration.

LA SAN MARCO S.P.A. launches increasingly avant-garde and competitive espresso coffee machines on the domestic and international market. It continues to reaffirm the prestige of its brand worldwide through commitment, spirit of collaboration and cooperation between management, design, production and the sales force.


This Code of Ethics has been drawn up to clearly establish the set of values that guide LSM in the pursuit of its goals, aimed at inspiring the company’s strategic thinking and the way the business is run.


The Code of Ethics is an essential part of the internal control system and compliance with it enables LSM to prevent any wrongdoing or unlawful acts from being committed in the countries in which it does business. The implementation of specific principles of conduct also underscores the company’s commitment to the prevention of infringements as per Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001 (“Decree 231”).


All recipients of the Code of Ethics are required to comply with and enforce the principles outlined in it, within their areas of competence. The pursuit of LSM’s interests cannot, under any circumstances, justify failure to comply with these principles.


Five core values that have always guided us.


Acknowledging the past, learning from experience and experimenting over time.

Embracing new prospects, processes, solutions and advanced technology. We have always juggled tradition and innovation, drawing strength and pride from our past whilst looking eagerly forward to the future.

This ability to reconcile the two aspects is what sets us apart.


People are central to our business and the entire company works together in the spirit of collaboration. The hundred plus people involved in management, planning, production and sales embody a shining example of cooperation. We firmly believe that the superior quality of our products and services stems from our excellent working environment and the professional approach of our employees.


Our products, services and support allow us to export Italy’s superb coffee culture and technological prowess to five continents.

Our machines are simple to programme and use, so the operating parameters can be correctly adjusted making life easier for the baristas who use them every day all over the world.



Today more than ever, quality and workmanship remain the core values of our entire production process, which is carried out entirely in-house.

From product specification to design, from prototyping to the production of the bodywork, boilers and mechanical components, including assembly lines and logistics, everything is managed, monitored and controlled directly by our technicians to thus ensure excellent production quality and service for our customers.


Lean Thinking and Industry 4.0.

We implemented an innovative process in partnership with the Considi “Strategy for Improvement”, aimed at:

  • Applying lean thinking to all company departments
  • Eliminating all activities that do not add value for the customer
  • Maximising efficiency (OEE) by reinvesting the resources freed up for business development
  • Reducing inventory and implementing Kanban logic
  • Improving overall process control
  • Improving working conditions for the benefit of all
  • Making the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 (IoT) starting with research and development and after-sales service