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Series ice makers SMG 20

The solid cube ice makers are made entirely of stainless steel. They incorporate all the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and enduring performance.

The ice cube is formed by water being sprinkled onto a horizontally mounted copper evaporator which then cools off forming high density, pure, crystal clear, solid ice cubes. These solid ice cubes end up purer than the water from which they are made and are ideally suitable for keeping drinks cool for an extended time frame without watering them down.

UNDERCOUNTER: Small “universal” machines right for all uses from residential to commercial, for low daily request of ice or to support and integrate the bigger production machines fitted in the backstage: perfect for outdoor stands, hotels and for the various discotheque bar areas.
To be installed undercounter thanks to the narrow dimensions, W60 x D60 x H80, following the US ADA and worldwide standards. Easy transport, rapid installation, adaptable to the design of the furnishing, for small spaces. Production and cleaning are fully controlled by the electronic board that grants a longlife machine, reducing the costs maintenance and increasing sanitation.
External parts of the housing can be easily removed for a fast serving; door can be easly removed for a quick cleaning of internal parts. All models are for “tropical use“: they can produce ice even at a room temperature of 43°C and water temperature of 35°C.

HORIZONTAL EVAPORATOR, SPRAY SYSTEM: The horizontal evaporator consists in conic copper cups faces down. The pump raises the water under pressure, which is sprayed to the evaporators thaks to the sprayers. The ice cubes are formed inside each cup and thanks to the hot gas they will fall down into the tank.


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