Espresso: Instructions for use:
‘D’ technology for baristas.

It is written by Andrej Godina, an internationally renowned coffee expert, and Mauro Illiano, a professional taster, in the new book commissioned by La San Marco and printed by Medicea Firenze. The text reveals the secrets of a machine that is already a milestone in the company’s history through a survey covering all topics relevant to the world of coffee and espresso. Launched in 2021 following the celebrations of the company’s one hundredth anniversary the year before, the book recounts the innovations that have consistently marked the history of La San Marco, making it a benchmark for the industry.

“Our passion for our work and our vocation for innovation has always been the driving force behind the quest for cutting-edge solutions that blend experience with creativity. It was with this philosophy in mind that, to crown the celebration of our one hundredth anniversary, we decided to design and showcase ‘D.’ to the world – a marvel of Italian design and technology, an object intended to bring a blend of elegance and technology to even the most discerning coffee makers. A machine that combines the eye-catching beauty of its shape with a personality conveyed by sophistication and attention to detail”

Roberto Nocera, General Manager of La San Marco.

An exclusive machine, capable of satisfying the demands of baristas and coffee experts all over the world and adding value to a wide variety of locations – cafés, coffee shops or large international coffee shop chains. To illustrate its potential, the book looks at the results of an intensive and challenging round of tests and tasting sessions (Sensory Masterclass) conducted by Godina’s team with the Multiboiler model. This led to the drafting of a manual for baristas that is an invaluable handbook which they can use to help them extract the best coffee on the market.


“Espresso: instructions for use” opens with a preface by the renowned coffee machine collector and expert, Enrico Maltoni, and an introduction by the designer, Marco Bonetto, (who is behind the aesthetic design of almost all of La San Marco’s latest successful models, including ‘D.’, the centenary machine). The book is divided into seven chapters, for a total of 190 pages, and also takes an invaluable in-depth look at La San Marco’s long history, through an account of the technological innovations that, over the years, have led the company to becoming a world leader and reference point in the professional coffee machine industry.


Form and function in perfect harmony.

The object of desire for those who love the art of coffee and let themselves be enchanted by cutting-edge technology. The D. Collection is available in 3 versions: multiboiler (“MBV” and “MB”) or single-boiler with heat exchangers (“C”), in variations with 2 or 3 dispenser groups, with 5” touch screen control panel (“T”).

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