Automatic softenery have electronic head that provides a system of regeneration of the resins in volume, which is preferable to the chronometric system because the software in the microprocessor of our electronic volumetric controller enables the start-up of the resin regeneration only when necessary, or only when a certain volume of water has passed through the resin. The technology of these electronic controllers is internationally patented and certified according to the requirements of "CE", "RoHS" and NSF. In a low water comsumption state, the water softener will regenerate the resin every 3 days (this is programmable data).

Operating Conditions:
Operating temperature: min. 5°C – max 50°C
Operating pressure min 1,8 bar - max 5 bar
Power supply: 230v/50Hz (230V 12Vcc by electrical transformer supplied)

BRITA PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges have been specially developed for use in the catering, vending and coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in drink water, the avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance. The PURITY filter reduce heavy ions such as lead and copper. Whilst also reducing cloudiness, organic, impurities and chlorine that impair the quality and taste of the filtrate including the by-pass water.