With Leva Luxury comes the first electromechanical machine equipped with electronic temperature control.

La San Marco has decided to equip Leva Luxury, the top range of lever machines, with the PID system. The system, already widely used in modern industrial systems, allows – for the first time on a completely electromechanical machine – not only electronic control over the water in the boiler but its easy adjustment.
The PID system - Proportional-Integral-Derivative – works by electronically modulating the energy supplied to the heating element, thereby maintaining the temperature constant and thus replacing the current pressure switch which is unable to guarantee constant temperature.

There are many advantages of the PID system for the barista:
• Energy and economic savings: wasting energy is avoided resulting in a significant reduction in the machine’s energy consumption;
• Practical: adjusting the temperature of the water in the boiler is made simple, fast and intuitive and can be done directly, without the intervention of a technician;
• Performance: controlling the temperature of the water in the boiler is the prerequisite for a good espresso. The control system allows an espresso coffee to be made based on the customer’s taste and the coffee blend used;
• Aesthetics: removing the pressure switch and all its elements enhances the clean, elegant design of a machine like the Leva Luxury, featuring a body in clear glass;

To the traditional five key elements that go towards preparing a well-made espresso coffee (Blend, Grinding, Machine, Maintenance, Hand), La San Marco adds a sixth: Monitoring, essential for an even better coffee.