The new steam delivery control system.

Fine Tuning Lever (FTL) is the new technological innovation patented by La San Marco, for the unified control of the steam delivery system. FTL presents as a lever, but it offers a number of ergonomic adjustments, with a single mechanism driving both steam delivery systems already found on La San Marco machines: the knob, activated by grasping and rotating the handgrip, and the lever, which works with both vertical and horizontal movement. The new device offers the barista extremely precise control over the amount of steam delivered during the preparation of milk-based products. Ultra-high precision steam delivery is achieved using a cam device, which replaces the classic male-female screw regulation system

• allows the extremely precise control over the amount of steam delivered, typical of knob-activated systems;
• maintains the practicality and speed typical of lever systems (pulse and “on-off” delivery);
• the flow of steam can be maintained at the desired intensity even without the presence of the barista;
• the valve is compact in size, and perfectly equates with the dimensions of the current lever system.