Since some months, La San Marco, which is always attentive to the needs of its customers, has decided to equip the automatic washing function as standard on all its electronic machines.

Every barista knows well that, at least once a day and usually at the end of the day, it is necessary to clean the coffee machine’s brewing groups; and also knows that the manual cleaning procedure, apparently simple, takes time and energy and can be very tiring after a long and intense day of work.
Eliminating any incrustations and coffee residues from the machine is important not only for hygiene reasons but also to ensure a high standard of quality in each cup, efficient performance and maximum machine reliability for the future.

The automatic cleaning function, now standard on all electronic versions of La San Marco machines, supports this important phase of the barista’s work.
Activating it is easy; the procedure is convenient and fast. There are only two simple steps the barista needs to carry out: insert the blind portafilter into the group and start the cycle via a quick key combination. In less than a minute (actually only 50 seconds), the entire cleaning procedure is complete which consists of 5 water loading and unloading steps inside the group.
The process must be repeated on each machine group, but it can also be started simultaneously on multiple groups.

Every La San Marco machine is not just a great coffee machine. It is also, and above all, a product designed to give you moments of wellness, both for lovers of a good coffee and all its users.