2017 was a really significant year for La San Marco; it marked the introduction of important product innovations (Leva Luxury, Plus Touch Line) and highly innovative technologies (Leva Class® patent), which allowed the company to achieve prestigious results in terms of image and reputation on the market. 2018 as well, as a result of projects currently being studied, appears very ambitious.

Today, however, we’d like to place in the spotlight our latest novelties on the subject of aesthetic innovations, or rather those features and details capable of adding style and personality to La San Marco’s range of products.

Hydrographic processing: a complex system which applies special films on the body of a product creating the typical three-dimensional, carbon fibres effect thus giving the machine an innovative and modern look.
This sophisticated process, with Japanese patent, guarantees its effect because it doesn’t become “yellow” over time and doesn’t peel off; it can now be admired on the La San Marco100 series models.

Keyboards with mirror polished stainless steel finish: implemented on the 100 E model, they add a further touch of elegance and refined modernity to a product that already boasts a cutting-edge design.

Wooden handles: all the La San Marco professional machines can be requested with olive-wood handles.
This proposal, which was launched with the idea of expressing the values of craftsmanship, naturalness and warmth at an aesthetic level and emphasizing a certain old fashion style which is much appreciated, particularly in the "third wave" bars movement, also has a technical significance because it guarantees an excellent balance of the handle and a good tactile sensation to barista during use.

La San Marco: it’s our care for every detail that makes the difference.

Wooden handles

Keyboards with mirror polished stainless steel finish