5 February 2022

Tournament of Nations

The 2022 edition of World of Coffee, the international event for the entire coffee world, was held June 23-25. This is the first time the Milanese capital has hosted the event, offering an unprecedented stage for the five aAfter a two-year suspension due to the pandemic, the 18th edition of the “Tournament of Nations” in Gradisca D’Isonzo, one of the

most important at the international level. From April 25 to May 1, the world’s best teams, starting with number one Belgium, were featured along with the national teams of Portugal, England, Mexico, the USA and, of course, Italy. The Tournament was created in 2004 to pay tribute to the 10 European nations that joined the European Community in that year, embodying the forward-looking vision of a sport capable of uniting, breaking down cultural and territorial boundaries. La San Marco makes that same vision its own by renewing its support for the event.World Championships Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, Cezve/Ibrik and Roasting. For La San Marco, it was yet another opportunity to present the high-end of its lever and automatic machine collections, testifying to the continuous technological, functional and aesthetic research that the company has always pursued.

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