The production of filter coffee in capsules for the highest quality in the cup.

It is the technology that La San Marco offers for the production of filter coffee in capsules to offer the highest quality in the cup. Inspired by the technology of professional preparation, the OC® System guarantees a perfect pre-infusion phase, ensuring the correct flow of water and its temperature during brewing, aimed at enhancing the transfer of organoleptic substances from coffee to water. The OC® System also includes the differentiated preparation of the four doses that the machine offers, through pre-infusion and pulse infusion recipes. This ensures a rich and balanced flavour for all the types of coffee selected, unlike other single-dose systems that offer a single extraction process for all the doses resulting in excessively over-extracted or under-extracted coffee depending on the selected dose. The temperature in the boiler is electronically controlled to ensure maximum stability even when dispensing large quantities of coffee in a short period of time.

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