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WE2 Combi: For coffee shop-quality espresso.

Technology, innovative design and professional level performances together with the easy to use single dose capsules are the special features of wE2, compact two group espresso coffee machine 100% Made in Italy.


WE2 the professional two-group machine for single-use capsules. It is compact, fast and easy to use for the preparation of excellent, creamy coffee in restaurants, large offices, events, outlets with uneven customer affluence or lacking specialized staff. Compatible with a wide range of capsules manufactured by major Italian and international brands, easy to clean and maintain, the WE2 offers a high-quality performance.


A real small professional capsule coffee machine with an attractive look also which represent a modern, high expression of state-of-the-art technology and Italian design.


Three steel boilers

Three 316L-steel boilers – two for coffee and one for steam and hot water.

Three 316L-steel boilers – two for coffee and one for steam and hot water – and the incorporated water softener allow the preparation of cappuccino and other hot drinks.

Backlit keyboards

The two backlit keyboards make possible to access the machine in a simple and intuitive way.

Wide cup holder base

The wide cup holder base, to be used also as cup warmer surface, the steam wand, the hot water wand , the large removable 5 liters capacity tank and the optional milk frother are some of the machine’s features.


  • 5 liters removable internal water tank


  • Two coffee boilers in stainless steel aisi 316l


  • Hot water/steam boiler made of stainless steel aisi 316l


  • Three vibration pumps


  • Replaceable water softener inside of the tank


  • Electronically controlled boiler water temperature regulation

  • 2 keyboards with five backlit buttons


  • Nr. 2 programmable water doses button


  • Start/stop button for each group


  • Pre-infusion button for each group


  • 1 x lever-driven hot water tap


  • 1 x manual steam delivery lever

  • Possibility to switch off one or both coffee groups from keyboard


  • Possibility to switch off the hot water/steam boiler from keyboard


  • Coffee capsule drawer capacity: 40 capsules


  • Notice of emptying the container of exhausted capsule


  • Water recovery tray

  • Smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces

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