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SM TK Smart Instant: New on demand grinding system, intelligent and technologically advanced.

The series of on demand coffee grinders equipped with an exclusive La San Marco trademark system which enables the continuous control of the measure of ground coffee inside the porta filter.


Hands free system series. Professional flat plate grinding burrs of 64mm (SM 92 variant) and 84mm (SM 97) and conical plate burrs for high performance (SM TK variant).


New centesimal ring

Adjustment ring which enables more precise adjustments compared with previous models, in order to match the particle size of the ground coffee to the humidity of the atmosphere, to the coffee blend and to the type of grinder.

Aesthetically the new centesimal ring enables the control settings to be read more easily through intuitive labelling which indicates the correct direction with an arrow to regulate the grinding particle sizes. Technically, the new system allows for the distance between the burrs to be adjusted with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre, thus enabling a more efficient extraction of the volatile elements and in turn obtain coffee with a superior aromatic character.

Smart technology

The smart technology designed and developed in the R&D department of La San Marco

The smart technology designed and developed in the R&D department of La San Marco which, equipped with two infra-red sensors and specific detection software, automatically measures the ground coffee according to the porta filter basket used, without needing the grinder operator to select any settings. All Smart technology grinders have the new “hands free” option as a standard feature, which supports the porta filter basket during grinding and therefore leaves the grinder operator with their hands free.

Hands free system

System created by La San Marco which enables the basket to be held in place by itself during the coffee grinding process, therefore leaving the machine user’s hands free.

The Hands Free System comes with the series of SMART INSTANT grinders (on demand grinding that automatically recognises baskets with 1 or 2 spouts) and is an optional for INSTANT models (on demand grinding).


Supplied as standard mounted on the left or on request mounted on the right or without.

Made from Technopolymer material with superior physical and mechanical properties which comply with international standards for handling food products.


3 burr types for the 3 models of the product




Anthracite Mt

Pastel Green

Sky Blue Mt

Red Mt

Grey Mt


Matt Black

Lava Black

Glossy White




  • Hands free system


  • Electronic infra-red optical sensors


  • Micro switch on the porta filter holder for quick start up

  • Electronic control of measures by programming the grinding time


  • Continuous grinding programme (max 3 minutes)


  • Single shot counter, double shot counter, total shot counter

  • Presser available in two interchangeable variations (without press, on request)


  • 1,200kg hopper capacity


  • Universal porta filter holder


  • 3 types of grinding burrs: professional flat plate either 64 or 84 mm and conical plate with high performance


  • Chrome front

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