20 April 2024

La San Marco joins the “Istituto Espresso Italiano” (IEI)

Membership of the “Istituto Espresso Italiano” and Certifications

La San Marco has recently consolidated its commitment to the authenticity and excellence of Italian espresso by joining the Italian Espresso Institute (IEI). This important step reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of coffee quality and promoting the culture of Italian espresso globally.

Roberto Nocera, General Manager of La San Marco, emphasised the importance of this membership as a ‘fundamental step’ for the company, aimed at enhancing and preserving the cultural heritage of Italian espresso. Joining the IEI allows La San Marco to actively participate in spreading the knowledge and love of espresso, contributing its own experience and innovation.

Furthermore, on 21st and 22nd March 2024, La San Marco obtained IEI certification for its renowned D. collection machines, lever machines and top-of-the-line coffee grinders. A panel of ten external and six internal certifiers examined and confirmed that the products meet the high standards required for Certified Italian Espresso, thus recognising the high quality and precision of La San Marco technologies.


Espresso Italiano Champion and the Promotion of Coffee Culture

Next 16th May, La San Marco will host at its headquarters in Gradisca d’Isonzo the regional stage of the selections for the Espresso Italiano Champion, the prestigious Italian barista championship organised by IEI. This event will select the best talents in the field of espresso and cappuccino preparation, requiring participants to demonstrate their skills in the preparation of four espressos and four cappuccinos in just 11 minutes, starting from an unregulated grinder and submitting their drinks to the blind judgement of the sensory judges of IIAC – International Institute of Coffee Tasters.

Managing Director Roberto Nocera expressly praised this initiative, emphasising how it contributes to the growth of the Italian espresso sector and offers baristas an opportunity to refine and compare their skills. The event not only highlights professional skills, but also promotes awareness of the different traditions associated with Italian coffee, helping to preserve and enhance the espresso cultural heritage in our country.

La San Marco’s membership of IEI and its key role in the Espresso Italiano Champion demonstrate a genuine and deep commitment to the enhancement and promotion of Italian espresso, an emblem of excellence and culture worldwide.

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