8 January 2024

La San Marco in Chengdu: Leva Contest and Masterclass bring Italian coffee excellence to China

La San Marco lands in Chengdu, China, with its extraordinary Leva Contest and engaging Masterclass on lever coffee machines. This event is the culmination of a series of international events, demonstrating the global impact of our innovation.

The Masterclass, held over the first two days, provided an in-depth immersion into the distinctive features of our lever coffee machines. Participants were able to experience coffee preparation first-hand and discover the fascinating history of these pearls of technology.

The training encompassed mechanical theories, extraction techniques, flavour evaluation and correction of any challenges, giving the Chinese industry professionals an in-depth knowledge of our machines. This further strengthens our position as ambassadors of Italian excellence on the global scene.

The last two days were marked by the highly anticipated Leva Contest, a competition that tested baristas’ skills in correctly extracting coffee within a precise time frame. With Speed and Sensory modes, we highlighted the versatility of our machines, underlining their fundamental role in the creation of an authentic Italian espresso.
The two days were enhanced by the presence of the vice world champion of latte art Lu Dao Qiang, who was able to entertain the audience with his great skills.

– First Place: Liu Yang, of WAKESPRESSO; Xu Dong, of Impetus Coffee
– Second Place: Li Yong and Chen Yong Long, of Stream Coffee
– Third Place: Wang Qing Hong, of Pause Coffee; Zha Qi Yu, of Gas Station Coffee

These talented baristas showed extraordinary skills in the correct extraction of coffee, adding a touch of magic to the Leva Contest. Liu Yang and Xu Dong, from WAKESPRESSO and Impetus Coffee, established themselves as undisputed champions, bringing with them the art and mastery of espresso brewing.
The winners embody the dedication and passion that La San Marco promotes in the coffee industry, helping to make the event in Chengdu an outstanding success.

Managing Director, Roberto Nocera, expressed enthusiasm for the Chinese event, stating: ” La San Marco is proud to have been chosen to represent in China professional lever coffee machines, one of the greatest excellences of Made in Italy.”

The Masterclass programme was carefully structured to offer a combination of theory and practice, from historical sessions to coffee shop management and the intense Leva Contest competitions. This event helped to spread an in-depth knowledge of Italian espresso, a heritage that is often undervalued abroad.

The success of the Chinese event testifies to the company’s ability to share its know-how around the world. With preparations already underway for the next stage of the Leva Contest at the Sigep in Rimini, La San Marco continues to consolidate its position in the coffee machine sector.

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