25 January 2024


La San Marco is pleased to present its latest creation, the DELECTA, a new-generation espresso machine that made its debut during SIGEP 2024. Focusing on the balance between advanced technology, innovative design and professional performance, the DELECTA stands out as a true masterpiece of pragmatism in the panorama of espresso machines.


The DELECTA’s two-group, regular-sized brewing unit design offers excellent ease of use and simplified maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. Backlit keypads allow intuitive operation, including easy volumetric dosage control.


With four programmable coffee doses per group (single regular and long, double regular and long) and two programmable doses for the hot water wand, DELECTA offers precise control over drink preparation, adapting to the preferences of each consumer.


DELECTA’s elegant design is evident through the two stainless steel elevations, allowing cups of different heights to be placed, from espresso to long drinks, also ideal for take-away. With a central water lance and two side steam lances, the DELECTA is a complete machine, ideal to meet the needs of professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts.


The large, top-mounted cup warmer base also acts as a cup warmer, guaranteeing an optimal coffee preparation temperature at all times, while the electronic auto-level with water shortage warning ensures reliable and efficient operation.


The DELECTA is equipped with a stainless steel volumetric pump for precise water distribution and a 10-litre stainless steel boiler for optimal production capacity. Technical features include a programmable keyboard with extraction cycles per group, dose keypads on the hot water lance and two manually operated steam lances. The DELECTA also offers the flexibility of using waffle and FAP capsule filter holders, ensuring maximum versatility in beverage preparation.


With the DELECTA, La San Marco continues its tradition of offering state-of-the-art espresso machines, combining advanced technology, elegant design and impeccable performance. We are excited to dive into the future of Italian espresso with the DELECTA, a true innovation that has already garnered attention at SIGEP 2024.

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