LA SAN MARCO S.P.A. proposes on the national and international market increasingly evolved and competitive espresso machines and continually reasserts the prestige of its mark all over the world by means of commitment, spirit of cooperation and interaction of management, design, production and sales forces.
This Code of Ethics has been drawn up to clearly establish the set of values that guide LSM in the pursuit of its goals, which should inspire the company’s strategic thinking and business conduct.
The Code of Ethics is an essential component of the internal control system, and compliance therewith enables LSM to prevent any irregularity or unlawful act in the countries in which it does business. The adoption of specific principles of conduct expresses the company’s commitment also to preventing the offences referred to in Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (“Decree 231”).
All recipients of this Code of Ethics are required to comply with and, as far as pertaining thereto, cause compliance with the principles enshrined in it. Under no circumstances can the pursuit of LSM’s interest justify non-compliance with such principles.

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