The innovative system to instantly clean your coffee filter.

Quiet – Easy – Ergonomic – Mess-free

PRO-FONDI is a low-voltage rotating system that removes coffee grounds with the aid of gravity, eliminating the noise of banging the portafilter and, by optimising filter cleaning, it also improves the results in the cup.
This patented system is very easy to use, and cleans the filter better and quicker: simply insert the portafilter into the slot, then pull it out again just a second later, spotlessly clean.

With PRO-FONDI, no more banging on knockboxes and bash bars, which means no more risk of micro-trauma to the hand, wrist and forearm. The system also offers the barista greater freedom of movement (no more open drawers and bash bars in your workspace) and thanks to its collection system, the used coffee grounds fall straight into the bag below the device, for maximum hygiene behind the bar (both on and under the floor).

PRO-FONDI also saves money: in terms of annual working hours spent cleaning the portafilter, and of maintenance and call-out costs due to the reduced need to replace filters and seals on your coffee machine.

La San Marco offers two installation proposals:
Pro-fondi IN, attached to the counter, requires drilling of counter (Cod. CPCVAR0250):
Pro-fondi OUT (external): accessory for mounting outside the counter (usually attached to the machine's foot or positioned under the grinder) (Code CPCVAR0260 does not include the code CPCVAR0250)