5 models, different characteristics and systems, one unique design.

20/20 TOP
Elegant, essential, the leading edge.

20/20 TOP is the premier electronic model in the new 20/20 Collection, featuring a display with a modern design, RGB LED lighting for the worktop and automatic electronic regulation of the water temperature in the boiler.
20/20 TOP uses a practical new ergonomic keypad with back lighting for each group. Each keypad is connected electronically with a graphic display with extra commands. This means further settings and controls can be offered, together with a range of useful information for the operator. Optionals: new patent FTL (Fine Tuning Lever). 20/20 TOP is also available as an electronic model in the 2-, 3- and 4-group versions.

Modern appeal, sturdy and safe.

This machine offers truly quick and simple functions. 20/20 Classic uses a practical new ergonomic keypad with back lighting for each group.
In terms of technical components, these machines feature a new hot water diffuser with a particularly even jet, which can be managed and set to three different delivery quantities using the keypad.
The keypads can also be used to adjust the pre-infusion settings (essential in order to maintain a top-quality espresso in every cup), to start the purge cycle and to check the counters. The water level in the boiler is regulated automatically, and an electronic alarm notifies the user when the water gets too low. Optionals: the new patent FTL (Fine Tuning Lever) and LED lighting on the worktop. 20/20 Classic is available in versions with 1, 2 and 3 groups.

20/20 SPACE
The compact, extremely powerful, high-performance machine.

The new 2020 SPACE, despite its compact dimensions (just 570 mm wide) is a powerful, high-performance two-group electronic coffee machine. With two steam wands, three adjustable automatic water quantities, the new hot water diffuser, stainless steel boiler, and new backlit keypads in true 20/20 style. Optionals: new patent FTL (Fine Tuning Lever).

20/20 LEVA
Cutting-edge style, traditional extraction.

The lever-driven model from the 20/20 Collection comes in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-group versions, with a steam cup heater as standard except in the 1-group version. The 2-, 3- and 4-group models feature a hot water wand and two steam wands, while the single-group model has one hot water wand and one steam wand. The water level in the boiler is regulated automatically, and an electronic alarm notifies the user when the water gets too low.
All the main technical innovations featured in La San Marco's high-end lever-driven models are available optionally on this model: PID system, electric cup warmer, LED lighting for the worktop, and the new V LEVER.
Featuring LEVA CLASS®, La San Marco's innovative patent that makes lever use during the mechanical extraction of espresso coffee safer, to meet the most exacting international standards.

20/20 PLUG & PLAY 
Versatility and ease of use for this one-group multi-boiler model. 

20/20 Plug & Play is the new 1-group multi-boiler model from La San Marco's 20/20 Collection. 20/20 Plug & Play machine is easy to use, with precision settings for steam and hot water. It comes fitted with an internal tank that can be filled manually or connected directly to the mains network. The special delivery nozzle ensures excellent coffee, with a thick, persistent cream. The new model can use ground coffee, capsules or even Easy Serving Espresso filters. 20/20 Plug & Play introduces major new technological and technical features, such as the new back-lit keypad, which can preset up to five different doses of coffee. Also new is the display, with its modern, simple, intuitive interface that gives easy access to the custom programming and regulations (coffee delivery times, water temperature, pre-infusion, counters). A machine that offers outstanding versatility and ease of use, suitable for a wide range of uses: not only bars, but also offices, small restaurants and B&Bs, as well as at home.